Custom Lightroom Presets for Fujifilm

How much time do you spend on custom presets in Lightroom, or editing in general? I spend a lot of time. Probably too much time. Selah and I have used VSCO Film, tried other presets and taken a stab at creating our own in the past. 

Ever since switching to Fujifilm cameras, we've loved the colors we see and have really enjoyed their Classic Chrome and Acros film simulations. When VSCO updated their Film line to add support for the X-Pro2, we used Portra 160*1 for a bit.

But over the past few weeks, I've spent time developing my own presets specifically based on Fujifilm's Classic Chrome and Acros film simulations. The thought occurred to me that a lot of people are joining the Fujifilm family these days, and some might be interested to see what can be done when applying Fujifilm's camera profiles in Lightroom. 

So here we go. I'm going to share a handful of images I've taken to experiment with the presets I created in different types of light. These are mostly one-click edits, besides correcting exposure for tough/weird shooting conditions, and cropping/straightening.

Let me know what you think.

*Also, if you move the slider to the left, you're seeing the SOOC version, move it to the right and you're seeing what the photo looks like after the preset. 

Posted by Joe Dodd