How Many Hours of Wedding Photography Coverage do You Need?

Hours and Hours...

So you've found a venue for your wedding. And you know what time you have to be out of the venue. Great! But how many hours of wedding photography coverage will you need? The answer to that question depends on your priorities for the day. 

One of the biggest factors in determining hours of coverage might be your budget. Let's imagine you're booking our 8-hour package and you have to be out of the venue by 11 p.m. You might plan to leave the venue with your spouse by 10 p.m., leaving an hour for vendors to clean up and vacate. If you want us to capture a special send off when you leave, we should start shooting at 2 p.m. Awesome! That's a really simple way to do things. But what if you're not doing a special send off, or having photos of a send off isn't important to you? 

Less is More...

If your venue allows you to stay late, or you're getting married in a unique location, you might be planning to party the night away. In that case, consider that your photographer could always arrive earlier to capture more unique parts of the day. Reception coverage can be a lot of fun, but those images can become repetitive. If you don't plan on doing a send-off, then you might only need two or three hours of reception coverage. If you'd like, your photographer could arrive a lot earlier to cover more of the unique things that go on before the wedding starts. 

Maybe you're planning a morning yoga session, or a big breakfast for each side of the wedding party. Some of our favorite coverage happens before the ceremony begins, when you're enjoying time with your friends and family the morning of the wedding. Selah and I love documenting those moments, and they offer a really unique take on your wedding day. So maybe you'd rather have us arrive earlier and do less reception coverage, which in the end can be more satisfying to look back on.

More Coverage Questions?

If you've got more questions about how many hours of wedding coverage you need, and what might be important for us to capture, leave a comment below or send us an email. We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences, and so would others who are trying to figure out how many hours of wedding photography coverage they'll need.


Posted by Joe Dodd