How Many Wedding Photos Will You Get?


A common question we get is how many photos we deliver when we shoot a wedding. It's a great question. How many photos we deliver goes hand-in-hand with the method we use to deliver.

The biggest factor in determining the number of photos we deliver is how many hours of coverage we've been hired for. An four hour elopement is usually around 300 photos, typically because we get more time to take photos of our couples, which can be a lot of fun. With our 8-hour package you can expect around 500 images. And with our 10-hour package we deliver between 500-700 images. 

Another factor in determining how many photos we deliver is the schedule for the day. Selah and I base our coverage around what's happening during the day. If we get more time with our couples, we deliver more images. If your wedding is filled with lots of details, that means more images too. Basically, the more there is going on, the more images we'll deliver. Makes sense!

Delivery Details

When we do deliver the finished photos from your wedding, you'll receive an email invitation to a online gallery including all of the images. Sometimes people ask us how they get ahold of the images from there. You simply download them. In the past, photographers would deliver what's called a proofing gallery. The proofing gallery would be the final images, but access to the images would be limited to browsing through and choosing favorite to then pay an additional fee to download or print.

We don't do that. The gallery of images is yours to download, share and print. There are no additional charges or fees for unlimited access to your photos. It's that simple. We operate on a model of shooting & sharing. The package price we agree on includes printing and sharing rights.

Now, printing photos will cost extra, simply because you'll have to pay a third party for the materials and time it takes to make prints, but you don't have to pay us extra to simply have access to photos for sharing on Facebook or Instagram. (Make sure you tag us on Facebook and Instagram!)


Let us know if you have more questions about photo delivery in the comments below!


Posted by Joe Dodd