Wedding Day Scheduling Tips

As wedding photographers, Selah and I have an interesting perspective on the flow and scheduling of wedding days. Being with either the bride or groom for most of the day, we can both observe and feel the relative crunch or relaxed nature of the schedule. We see the impact that scheduling and different elements of the day have on the overall tone and feel of a wedding.

Being married ourselves, we often reflect on how we felt as bride and groom when considering how a couple has scheduled their wedding day. If you find yourself wondering how your wedding should be scheduled, or whether a day-of coordinator is right for you, we hope the following brief tips will be helpful. 

These are tips filtered through our roles as wedding photographers in Chattanooga, but we think they're helpful in general when considering scheduling.

Light is Everything

In our world, light is everything. Both in terms of quantity and quality, light makes all the difference for how your wedding photos will look. So beyond the ultimate wishes of the couples that hire us, our number one priority is scheduling for light. What this means is that we want to take portraits of our couples in the best light the schedule will allow. 

We believe the best time of day to take photos of just our couples together is a time referred to as "golden hour". This is usually the last hour or so before the sun dips below the horizon. At that time of day, the quality of the light turns from harsh white to a soft golden color. Everything looks beautiful during golden hour, as will your portraits. Being wedding photographers in Chattanooga, our golden hour photos take on an interesting glow, as the sun quickly dips behind the ridges and mountains. 

If the schedule just won't allow for portraits of our couples during golden hour, we look for shade next to buildings or window light. Those scenarios get us closer to the softer look we love so much in our wedding photography work. 



You've probably been looking forward to your wedding day more than anything, right? We know the feeling. That's one of the reasons why we feel so strongly about scheduling. A day-of coordinator can relieve so much stress that comes from scheduling. Your coordinator can be the go-to person for any questions people have during the day, and they can also help keep the day on track. On the flip side, if leading up to the wedding a coordinator, friend or family member takes too much control of the scheduling you might find your sanity on the line. 

Over-scheduling does more harm than good. Wedding day schedules inevitably run behind, so if there's something on the schedule every 15 minutes, it's hard to feel like anything will be done in a timely manner. People can end up feeling a little stressed as result of the crunch. And no one wants to feel stressed from the get-go because of a tight schedule. 


We want our couples to be able to relax and truly enjoy the day. Our job is to capture what transpires throughout the day, whether the schedule is packed or relaxed. The images we capture will reflect how people were feeling throughout the day. We're happy to offer scheduling suggestions, like what time of day the sun might go down or what time of day to schedule an outdoor ceremony for great photos. 

Let us know if you have any questions about the schedule for your wedding day. We'd love to hear form you and share more of our thoughts.



Posted by Joe Dodd