Why Us?

So What?

While most photographers are busy with cumbersome equipment or awkward poses, we’ll focus on the narrative of your wedding day. And that’s where the real magic happens.

Your wedding is more than just moments. Your wedding is more than just a snapshot for a wedding magazine. It’s a story that deserves to be documented, captured and shared in full. The photos of your wedding ought to remind you of that story, and cause you to well up with joy.

Your wedding is more than just moments.

Here's Why...

Your wedding photographer ought to be so comfortable with a camera, that it's an extension of their ability to tell your story. And that’s who we are--storytellers. And while storytellers need the right tools and skills to faithfully tell a story, they shouldn’t be overly concerned with where they can plug in their lights, or the position of your arm for a certain pose.

That’s why Selah and I love being husband & wife wedding photographers. Beyond taking photos, we’ve actually experienced our own wedding day. And since then we’ve developed a way of communicating and working together that goes hand-in-hand with documenting weddings. 

Usually, a photo package only includes one photographer, and the option to add a second for as much as $650, our packages always include both of us at no extra cost. The story of your day happens in more than one place at a time. We love that we can simultaneously document you and your spouse leading up to the moment that your lives intersect during the ceremony.

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